Your gift of love makes

it possible for individuals to receive help without the burden of financial pressure.


HOPE Ministries is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization,

and does not charge for counseling services.

All gifts are tax deductible.


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"I was very apprehensive about counseling. I knew it would help...but I was still nervous about saying the wrong things and not hearing from Jesus. It was exciting for me to hear from Jesus and to learn more about myself."

"It was a wonderful experience in learning to identify the words of Jesus...

I also learned to identify the words and the thoughts of Satan."

"The road to freedom was explained in  a way I could easily understand. It was up to me to decide which road I now want to live in." 

"I think tools were added for the tool bag God has given me."

"The outstanding way in which Jesus met me was in teaching me to think less about what others think and more about what He thinks, to focus on Him more and less on me, my sin, and my thoughts about life, and to center my entire identity in His secure arms."

"The sessions were a time of laying aside the old and experiencing newness of life. It was a safe place to work through issues and allow Jesus to minister. I experienced Jesus' true love and acceptance in a real way. I was equipped with tools that help me face problems and life victoriously with Jesus."

"We found Jesus in a brand new way. We found a loving, caring Jesus who thinks we are special. We would recommend this for everyone."