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Have you ever unknowingly had a little thistle in your finger? Over time it began to create pain and irritate you, but because you couldn’t see it and it did not seem major, you let it go. During the next several days, it began to fester, bringing more pain until it finally needed to be re-opened, the source of the problem discovered, and then treated to allow proper healing. Is it possible there are areas in your heart that have been damaged like that? You can live with it, but things sure get irritating. Sometimes those things fester more than we care to admit or even know! The only way to stop the festering is to allow Jesus to heal the heart from the inside out. He cares about your wounds (Mt.10:31). He doesn’t waste the rough times, but uses them to shape your heart!


Does your heart hurt down inside where no one can see? Does it experience being stooped? Do you cry on the inside?  Is your marriage falling apart? Do you have a good marriage, but desire to see it improved? According to John 10:10, the enemy purposes to steal, kill, and destroy. Jesus has come for the opposite: He brings life, but He doesn’t stop there; He brings it more abundantly. Jesus has a gentle way of relating personally to each individual in their unique needs that will provide abundant life here on earth in the midst of difficult circumstances.


This is what HOPE Ministries is about. Having experienced Jesus’ healing in areas of their lives, Nevin and Joann have a passion to see others experience healing not only in the major difficult areas, but also in those ‘thistle-prick’ areas. Only Jesus is the Healer and He is the Wonderful Counselor. Through the use of the "Caring For the Heart" material by John Regier, HOPE Ministries seeks to  help individuals explore patterns that may have developed over their lifetime and provide opportunities to allow Jesus to bring healing and HOPE to their lives in fresh ways. Issues caused from emotional damage, bitterness, abuses and other areas will be defined.The opportunity to forgive from the heart as Jesus did will be encouraged so freedom from destructive patterns can be experienced.


Victory over depression, moral failure, bitterness, loneliness, distance from God, and more can be experienced. Are you lacking hope for change? HOPE Ministries wants to walk with you to find that hope once again, so you can soar as an eagle as Isaiah 40:31 proclaims.

…those who hope

in the Lord will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. 

Isaiah 40:31 (NIV)

What Is HOPE Ministries All About?